ACUSIM Software has been acquired by Altair Engineering and the AcuSolve software is now part of Altair's HyperWorks product line. Click here to obtain latest information about AcuSolve.


The following are some select marketing literature on ACUSIM Software, its products (AcuSolve, AcuConsole, and AcuDesktop), and magazine articles.


  • AcuSolve™ | A Powerful General-Purpose Flow Solver. View
  • AcuDesktop™ | A Powerful General-Purpose CFD Solution for Desktop Users. View
  • AcuSolve™ | High Fidelity CFD for Wind Power Applications. View
  • AcuSolve™ | Highly Validated CFD Solutions for the Most Complex Offshore Design Problems. View
  • AcuSolve™ | Next Generation Technology for Automotive CFD Simulation. View
  • AcuSolve™ Coupling with Abaqus FEA | Direct-Coupled Multiphysics Solution for Best Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation Results. View


  • Windpower Engineering | Rotor Blades Will Deflect This Much, Says Simulation. View