ACUSIM Software has been acquired by Altair Engineering and the AcuSolve software is now part of Altair's HyperWorks product line. Click here to obtain latest information about AcuSolve.


AcuSolve typically solves a given problem in the first attempt. Fully converged solutions are reliably obtained using AcuSolve's efficient steady-state solver. Nonlinear convergence remains strong even as solutions approach their final result. Two key components contribute to this robustness:

Stable Finite Element Formulation

AcuSolve is based on the Galerkin/Least-Squares (GLS) finite element formulation (see Accuracy). This technology has mathematically and in practice been proven to have superb stability and accuracy properties. It easily handles difficult industrial problems with under-resolved, distorted, and high aspect ratio meshes.

Powerful Iterative Solver

AcuSolve utilizes a unique and proprietary iterative linear equation solver, which allows for efficient and stable solution of the coupled pressure/velocity equation system, arising from linearization of the Navier-Stokes equations. The linear solver is devised based on detailed study of the coupled system. The solver is highly stable, capable of efficiently solving unstructured finite element meshes with high aspect ratio and badly distorted elements, which are commonly produced by automatic mesh generators on complex industrial problems. This practically parameter-free linear solver yields significant improvement in the robustness and convergence of the linear and nonlinear iterations as compared to segregated solver procedures which are the norm in today's commercial incompressible flow solvers.