ACUSIM Software has been acquired by Altair Engineering and the AcuSolve software is now part of Altair's HyperWorks product line. Click here to obtain latest information about AcuSolve.


AcuSolve achieves fast solutions via three mechanisms:

  1. Solves the fully-coupled pressure/velocity equation system, which yields significant linear and nonlinear convergence speed (see Robustness).
  2. Architected and implemented from ground up for vector and cache-based super-scalar computers.
  3. All algorithms are designed for multi-core parallel clusters, using a hybrid distributed/shared-memory (MPI/OpenMP) parallel model. The parallelization is completely transparent to end users.

Parallel Processing

From the start, AcuSolve™ was architected and all the algorithms were designed specifically to perform on coarse-grain parallel computers. A domain decomposition is used to distribute the elements and nodes to different processors. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is used to communicate between distributed-memory computers, and shared-memory data copy is used between subdomains of a single shared-memory box. This insures minimum communication costs. All I/O during the computation is done in parallel. The parallelization (and domain decomposition) is completely transparent to the user. Moreover, it is so flexible that the number of processors (subdomains) may be changed at every problem restart.