SSA Becomes ACUSIM’s UK Reseller

By: Shing Pan
Publication Date: 11 Aug 2008

Strategic Simulation Analysis Ltd (SSA), a company that specializes in maximizing your return on investment made into analysis software, has just announced a special addition to their product portfolio.

AcuSolve™ from ACUSIM Software is a leading general-purpose finite element-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow solver with superior robustness, speed, and accuracy. It can be used by designers and engineers with all levels of expertise, either as a standalone product or seamlessly integrated into a powerful design and analysis application. With AcuSolve, users can quickly obtain quality solutions without iterating on solution procedures or worrying about mesh topologies or element types.

AcuSolve provides solutions to complex fluid problems. Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) mesh motion and free-surface, transient turbulence, Detached-Eddy Simulation (DES), and Fluid/Structural Interaction (FSI) can all be modeled with this highly robust solver. It is capable of efficiently handling unstructured meshes with high aspect ratios and badly distorted elements commonly produced by fully automatic generators.

AcuSolve is used globally in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, electronics, chemical, bio-medical, consumer products and energy, as well as national labs and universities.

SSA Limited brings the benefits of AcuSolve to its customers, in a simple yet, powerful way. Laurence Marks, Managing Director of SSA Limited, says “We are passionate about our product portfolio and thrive on providing only the best analysis solutions to our customers, which is why we are very pleased to announce our new business partnership with ACUSIM.”

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For more information, contact:

ACUSIM Software, Inc.
Shing Pan, VP Marketing
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SSA Contact:

Laurence Marks

Managing Director, SSA Limited

01844 295235